Salàrio Barack Obama

  • Antigo presidente - Estados Unidos
  • Data de nascimento: EUA 1961
  • Anual: R$ 6.455.285,00
  • Mensal: R$ 537.940,42
  • Semanal: R$ 124.140,10
  • Diariamente: R$ 24.828,02
Barack Obama

NYPost Nov 2018: Barack Obama currently rakes in $400,000 per speech, and earned at least $1.2 million for three talks to Wall Street firms in 2017. The fees come on top of his $207,800 annual presidential pension, which he began receiving as soon as he left office. And there is an estimated $50 million deal with Netflix, both of which Michelle Obama shares with husband Barack Obama. They are now worth more than $135 million.
Businessinsider Jan 2019: comes to a lower net worth of $40 million


Update: 2019-1