Salàrio Nguyễn Xuân Phúc

  • Primeiro ministro - Vietnã
  • Data de nascimento: 1954 Vietnã
  • Anual: R$ 51.502,00
  • Mensal: R$ 4.291,83
  • Semanal: R$ 990,42
  • Diariamente: R$ 198,08
Nguyễn Xuân Phúc

Voatiengviet Dec 2018: The salary of the prime minister and the chairman of the parliament increased by VND 1.25 million to VND 18,625,000 / month (USD 799.57 / month). July 2017: The salary of the Prime Minister = Basic salary x Coefficient = VND 1,300,000 / month x 12,5 = VND 16,250,000 / month
Salary is based on 2013 salary, see below:
VTC News August 2013: According to Minister Vu Duc Dam, Prime Minister's salary is prescribed not higher than 13 times of the coefficient base salary (salary for senior leaders of the Party and State). Thus PM Nguyen Tan Dung is paid VND 14.375.000 per month
Thanhniennews August 2013: "According to Nguyen Kinh Quoc, deputy head of the government office's general division, PM Nguyen Tan Dung is paid VND17,167,000 per month, excluding social and health insurance fees."


Update: 2019-8