Salàrio David Sassoli

  • Presidente - the European Parliament
  • Data de nascimento: 1956, Florence, Italy
  • Anual: R$ 945.829,00
  • Mensal: R$ 78.819,08
  • Semanal: R$ 18.189,02
  • Diariamente: R$ 3.637,80
David Sassoli

The Times May 2019: MEPs earn an annual salary of £90,576 at current exchange rates but can allocate more than three times as much in expenses.
Each MEP gets a general allowance of £46,680 a year. Added to that is a £257,974 annual staff allowance paid directly to employees.
On top of all that, MEPs receive a personal travel allowance of £3,675 and £275 for each day they sign the register in Brussels or Strasbourg.


Update: 2019-11