Salàrio Alexis Sánchez

  • Jogador profissional de futebol - Inter Milan - Italy
  • Data de nascimento: 1988 Chile
  • Anual: R$ 137.416.933,00
  • Mensal: R$ 11.451.411,08
  • Semanal: R$ 2.642.633,33
  • Diariamente: R$ 528.526,67
Alexis Sánchez

Dailymail August 2019: Inter have agreed to pay close to £4.5million of the Chile international's £21m annual salary, meaning United will have to subsidise a significant portion of his wages.
Forbes June 2019: $30.8 million
Mirror Jan 2018: £500,000 per week before tax at Old Trafford. That is his basic wage plus image rights and bonuses.


Update: 2019-6